Awarded by Cambridge ESOL since the 1970s, the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is the best-known and most widely-taken initial TEFL/TESOL qualification of its kind in the world. CELTA opens up a whole world of exciting teaching opportunities as it is recognised by EFL organisations world-wide and the certificate is the most highly respected of its kind in the world.

    The full-time, 4-week CELTA course:

  • Involves a minimum of 120 hours with additional time required for preparation and assignments
  • Follows the Cambridge CELTA syllabus and provides practical and professional awareness of learners, language, methodology and materials
  • Develops practical ability in classroom management, lesson planning, introduction and practice of new language, and the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skill
  • Is intended for native speakers of English and those whose English is of native-speaker level
  • Provides pre-service training to those with no teaching experience
  • Is also suited to those who are already in the profession, but who have no formal teaching qualification


5 days per week for 4 weeks. 12 to 18 candidates.

A typical day (subject to change)

12: 00 — 12.45Feedback from previous day's teaching
Trainees get back in their groups of 6 to discuss their teaching with the Teaching Practice Tutor. Oral and written comments on the lessons are also given by the tutor to those who have taught.
12: 45 — 14: 15Input Session 1
Input sessions are often held in the form of a workshop and usually involve trainee participation and group work, rather than note-taking from lectures. Topics address the issues of language awareness, the learning/teaching context, planning, methodology, classroom management and areas of language analysis and presentation and professional development.
14: 30 — 16: 00Input Session 2
16: 00 — 17: 00Assisted Lesson Preparation
Trainees start planning their lessons with sufficient support from the course tutors, which is reduced towards the end of the course to encourage independent and autonomous planning. CELTA Trainees must liaise with other members of their group outside course hours in order to produce a series of cohesive lessons.
17: 00 — 18: 00Lunch
18: 00 — 20: 00Teaching Practice
Teaching practice is a major component of the CELTA course. It begins on the first day of the course and takes place every evening. Small groups of trainees (the maximum is six) obtain practical experience through working with classes at two different levels. Trainees initially teach for short periods of 30 minutes, one after the other. This gradually builds up to 60 minutes lessons. The programme is closely related to work done during the input sessions.

    Additional work outside CELTA course hours

  • Liaising with other course participants for timetabling and lesson planning.
  • Observation of classes at IH Kazan for a total of four hours.
  • Optional viewing of teacher training videos.
  • 4 written assignments during the course (1,000 words each).
  • Homework assignments related to input seminars.
  • Written post-lesson self evaluations.
Most trainees find the course very stimulating, useful and enjoyable and we hope you will too. However, it is an intensive course that requires your full commitment. It is important for you and other members of your family to understand that you will be fully occupied. You will automatically fail the course if you do not complete the required number of hours.

CELTA Course Tutors

There are two course tutors for each group of 12 teacher trainees. All course trainers are approved by Cambridge ESOL.


Assessment is continuous throughout the course and is based on performance in teaching practice, the quality of lesson plans and accompanying materials, and the quality of the four written assignments submitted.

University of Cambridge ESOL Certification

Successful candidates receive the Cambridge CELTA — Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, awarded by the University of Cambridge, England. The certificate states the grade received on the course. The course tutors provide successful candidates with a written report detailing their performance on the course.

CELTA Selection Criteria

Cambridge CELTA regulations state that candidates must:
  • be at least 20 years old by the end of the CELTA course;
  • have an awareness of language and a competence in English, both written and spoken, that enables them to undertake the CELTA course and prepare for teaching a range of levels (clear C1 level or above);
  • have the potential to develop the necessary skills to become effective teachers and to successfully complete the written assignments and practice teaching.
The recommended minimum entry requirement is that candidates should have formal qualifications, which would allow entry into higher education in their own country. Many CELTA candidates will be postgraduate level, and most CELTA candidates will have experienced learning a foreign language. In all matters relating to the suitability of candidates for courses, the decision of the Head of Centre, English24 Kazan shall be final. CELTA Candidates for the course are selected initially by written application and then by interview. Acceptance at either stage is not automatic. In cases of unsuccessful application IH Kazan cannot enter into correspondence or discussion concerning the reasons for an interview or a place on the CELTA course not having been offered. The rigorous selection process is undertaken in the interest of CELTA candidates to ensure a high level of success on the CELTA course.

The selection process

1. Applicants for the CELTA course complete an application form and pre-course tasks and submit them to IH Kazan Teacher Training Centre to alina@kursy-angliyskogo.ru or in person. The tasks should be filled in fully and carefully, with the use of grammar reference books where necessary. As places on the CELTA courses are limited, please send your application well in advance.
2. We will acknowledge your application as soon as possible and if your written application is satisfactory we will arrange an interview for you: preferably face-to-face. If you are a long way away from Kazan we will ask you to phone or contact the interviewer via Skype at a pre-arranged time.
3. Acceptance into the course is determined following the interview.

Belarusian visa

It is up to each applicant to arrange (if necessary) their own visa. We advise that all applicants check the visa requirements with the Belarusian Embassy in the country of their residence. You will require a Letter of Invitation from English24 Kazan to start the visa process. Detailed information can be obtained upon application.


A single room flat for rent 30 min travel from school is approximately 400 USD. The school will assist in finding accommodation at your request.

Meeting upon arrival:

A school representative will meet you at the airport and take you to your flat if you require assistance.

DATES 2011

July 4th — 29th, 2011


£ 750 (Pounds of Sterling, payable in Belarusian Rubles).


10-306 Masherova Str., Kazan.
You can find more information about the course on www.cambridgeesol.org, www.celta.ru.
Please do not hesitate to contact English24 Teacher Training Centre if you have any questions (alina@kursy-angliyskogo.ru).

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